PKLI Pakistan kidney and liver Institution & hospital

Successfully completed PKLI Surveillance Project with almost 700 AXIS CAMERAS and video wall of 24LCD’s   have completed this Project with given time line and Trained Security Staff for operating Security System and basic trouble shooting as well. Installed fail over server With AXXON VMS INTELLECT and integrated with BMS building management system. System has 11 Servers with 2 Master Servers which is controlled all video management TCP/UDP Traffic with AXXON VMS. And one dedicated Server for FingerTec Time Attendance and locking system integrated with BMS (Building Management System). SLA (Service Level Agreement) Continue With PKLI.


Nation wide Astaa Technologies International

Successfully installed and maintain Telecom security
Surveillance System with remote monitoring of MSC & Services Centers. Almost 800+ Axis and 200+
BrickCom Cameras are installed in this Project with Milestone XProtect Professional VMS and maintain
system almost 7 years in the shape of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

All Ports

All Dry Ports In Karachi

From last 10 years we are successfully completed Surveillance installation projects in all Ports Like DP WORLD, KICT, QICT, and custom Buildings near the Ports and managed till now with SLA (Service Level Agreement). Equipment use their Axis and VMS is Milestone XProtect.

Covered all corporate sector

Almost Astaa Technologies International Have Covered all corporate sector in Pakistan from 2001 to till as we are the best in Solutions designing, as we are the best in the Ground for installation with complete project plan, we have best Technical & Quality Control, HSE Certified teams in Multiple Location (Offices). And Professional Certified with Partners, and Technical Team have Trained every year with new Technologies, and online trainings as well as per need and quarterly. For the best Solutions Provider in Pakistan. Secure & Safety is Priority of US our clients is our Acid. And we always be happy to support them even SLA is in Progress
or Not. RMA Causes also Deals on Priority base of every client without any Shipping Charges or hidden amount.

Not In Pakistan we Operate and worked in UAE, CANADA as well. Every where our presents are the as per approved Professional and certified Team.

Our Mission is to Protect your Business & Much More

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